The Bachelor of Science in Sport and Health Management

According to the sport administration, Ministry of Education in Taiwan, employment in the areas of sport, exercise and healthy lifestyle is expected to be increased. Growth will be driven by efforts to reduce healthcare costs by teaching people about healthy habits and building regularly exercise behaviors. Graduates with a degree from Sport and Health Management have developed the skills and strategies needed to promote active behaviors and health in community, rehabilitation, academic, business, and agency settings. They are prepared for careers in roles such as exercise specialists, health management specialists, sport and wellness directors, and physical activity and fitness leaders, and for admission into graduate schools sport, exercise science and other allied health careers.



Department Mission

The Bachelor of Science in Sport and Health Management provides students with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills to assist individuals across the lifespan in adopting physical activity, exercise, and other healthy behaviors that lead to increased fitness, wellness and optimal health. Students are prepared to pursue national certifications provided by professional organizations in fields of study related to sport management, sports coaching, strength and conditioning, and health promotion.


Department of Sport and Health Management



Educational Objectives
  1. Applying managerial concepts in building sport service competency.
  2. Utilizing health promotion knowledge in developing quality exercise programs to meet the specific needs of clients.
  3. Advocating for programming that centers on physical activity as a path to strengthen public health nationwide.

Department of Sport and Health Management



Department Spotlights
  1. The SHM is a TWAEA Accredited programs.
  2. Offered curriculum in the areas of sport, exercise, health, and management.
  3. Curriculum is in partnership with professional accreditation and internship opportunities.
  4. A personal mentor through study in assisting to build academic potential and practical experience.
  5. 4+1 combined degree program is offered. With the combination, it becomes possible for students to get their Master’s degree
        in five years.